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A program of emotional and musical extremes, this is naturally the longest of our short film programs. Strap in to your couch-belts! ** Content Warning ** "Trump Blows Trump" does contain the depiction of an unsimulated on-screen sexual act - if that's not something you want to see, you can skip the film in the playlist and the program will continue.

Dispatches from the Vietnam War: Beer, Bunkers and Typewriters

'Dispatches from the Vietnam War' follows the surreal and existential journey of a young soldier entering war for the first time.
Not long after I first met Lloyd I started hearing stories about his time in Vietnam during the war. Each one cut through the archetypes I had often heard about the war and wars in general. Each one insightful and nuanced. Each one led to a desire to hear more. Details behind why he volunteered to join the Army; what it was like for him to fly on an airplane for the first time, let alone one heading to war; and his transition from Vietnam home were left out due to time constraints. So too were a few other stories. Perhaps those will be shared at a later date. What remains are three stories that pull you into a world of a young man navigating the paradoxes of conflict at a pivotal time in his life. - MICHIGAN PREMIERE

Lights Out

A human struggles to succumb to the relentless assault of technological marketing.
A hand-drawn and hand-painted music video experimenting with traditional cel animation. - MICHIGAN PREMIERE


A man's identity is stolen by a stranger.

Trump Blows Trump

Donald Trump gives himself a blowjob. - MICHIGAN PREMIERE
In a world populated by Donald J. Trumps, two Trumps meet up for a quick softcore hookup. Two anonymous gay men wear Trump masks, have oral sex, and kiss until they fall in love. Shot on 8mm film, Trump Blows Trump is a political softcore porn comedy that questions the timelessness of tyrannical masculinity. It is not only a humorous rebellion against the narcissism embodied by our current president, but it is also a celebration of queer sexuality.

Nico Lives

As local drag star Nico Lavender reigns as Queen of the Forbidden City, her competition plots to pull the pageant and strip her title.
Devastated by her defeat, Nico seeks revenge on all those who never truly appreciated her art. Envisioned as the perverse lovechild of Kenneth Anger and the Rocky Horror Picture Show, Nico Lives serves as a queer fever dream for outsiders of the midnight cult. - MICHIGAN PREMIERE -

I'm Here

Kyiv, year 2019 - total copying of style, attitudes, hobbies. Unreasonable obsession with everything new, trendy, lack of autonomous thinking, lack of truth and real desires. The new generation stopped asking themselves - what do I really want to do here and now? But these guys have their own reality. This is the new elite youth, that think critically. Original. True. Our short, beautiful video is about the eternal dreamers, boys and girls, called to inspire with their honest deeds. They push us to the new achievements. They know how to dream and fulfill. They live the moment, although it often happens that society breaks their framework of an ideal world, by throwing back to the ugly reality...


Max Varga runs a private firm which deals in damaging the reputation of individuals ordered by clients.
However, during an operation, his assigned target vanishes. A desperate fight against time ensues, in which he can't afford to disappoint his client Lola Lieberman, at the same time getting caught up in a dispute with his collegue Tom Karloff. The film is about the moral downfall of a person who becomes consumed by the evil he himself created. It draws on conventions of film noir both thematically and stylistically, but it's creative purpose were familiar visual elements of classical film noir (such as low-key lighting and dutch angles) with untraditional ones, for example the use of hand-held camera or electronic music. - MICHIGAN PREMIERE


Jacqueline, a young woman in the midst of an existential crisis on the night of her debutante ball, senses menace lurking under her opulent surroundings.

Up Top

A young woman comes to terms with her afterlife when she awakens inside of a coffin with no way out.


An alchemist trying to find the meaning of life signs a deal with the devil. - MICHIGAN PREMIERE
An interpretation of the legend of Faust, based on Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's "Faust", created in technique of stop-motion/doll/2D animation with handmade dolls and scenography. Animation refers to German Expressionism movement.