Beautiful Disasters



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A mix of experimental and narrative films, this thematic program is an atmospheric journey. Come see where it takes you.

Emergency Alert

A message from your chosen leaders, broadcast over the Emergency Alert system, if you choose to accept it- our thoughts and prayers are not with you at this time. But this is not a test- there is an actual emergency.

Destruction Makes the World Burn Brighter

A young couple in the not so distant future find their secret existence threatened when reserve runs low.

To Whom it May Concern

A survivor of the apocalypse searches to confirm if he is truly alone.

Fucked Up Point Blank

Anxiety unseats the narrator in time and place as she tries to rewrite the story in search of a less violent ending.
FUCKED UP POINT BLANK is a glitched found-footage film about anxiety interfering in storytelling. To unravel the truth, an anxious person struggles to rewrite with set structure, characters and tone. With each attempt to alter the narrative, the potential for violence escalates while the raw materials degrade and actions fragment, stutter or overlap.


Colloidal is a short experimental film about form and fluidity in space that aims to wash over the viewer in an indescribably emotional arc that combines original music composition and images.

Kingdom of Stars

This is a story about distorted ideas, forgiveness and humanity, our desire to be better.

The Universe According to Dan Buckley

In the beginning, there was nothing. You can get nothing easily.
- MICHIGAN PREMIERE - [restricted to US viewers only]

Unborn Rivers of Sky

The passing of time in an exquisite corpse. Images randomly selected. Poem written without images. Music written without images or words.
An exquisite corpse by Non Films. Poem by Daniel DeVaughn. Music by Jason LaRay Keener. Directed by Ratigan. Found footage: "Illinois, 1957." - MICHIGAN PREMIERE

Bruised Fruit

Struggling to survive on the margins of society, two outcasts manage to build a beautiful friendship as they face loss and hardship.