Bodies in Motion



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Our version of Sports Documentary - beauty in motion, and in the pursuit of self. Explore unknown corners of the sports world that may be much closer than you know, and a film that brought a tear to our jaded judge's eye. * [Life in Synchro restricted to US viewers]

Through Jann

Between this searching head and the body that makes her, Jann seeks her balance. - US PREMIERE
Jann Gallois is a dancer and choreographer. She is 29 years old and has the energy of a bulldozer. Her body is her work tool. Always in search of the right movement, she twists it, folds it, tends it, breaks it. But memories reappear and the memory of the body, too solicited, wakes up old wounds. How does this dancer, who claims to be "crossed by others and by oneself", live with her body?

Life in Synchro

If a single figure skater is a marvel, a team of figure skaters is practically a miracle. -MICHIGAN PREMIERE [restricted to US viewers only]
Welcome to the beautiful, cold, hard world of synchronized ice skating - the toughest sport you’ve never heard of. Synchro has been empowering generations of women since 1956 when it was founded by a father who saw the need for team sports for girls. Today these skaters lift, leap, and spin together in ways the rink has never seen before, but this innovative sport is still somehow overlooked by mainstream media. Journey alongside incredible women around the country as they push their teams and themselves beyond the routine and up towards greatness. The stars of today, the newcomers, the passionate amateurs and the founders of the sport all have something to prove. They’re chasing Olympic dreams not just for themselves, but for their beloved sport. Together these skaters are out to prove the staying power of synchro.