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Kyiv, year 2019 - total copying of style, attitudes, hobbies. Unreasonable obsession with everything new, trendy, lack of autonomous thinking, lack of truth and real desires. The new generation stopped asking themselves - what do I really want to do here and now? But these guys have their own reality. This is the new elite youth, that think critically. Original. True. Our short, beautiful video is about the eternal dreamers, boys and girls, called to inspire with their honest deeds. They push us to the new achievements. They know how to dream and fulfill. They live the moment, although it often happens that society breaks their framework of an ideal world, by throwing back to the ugly reality...

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Directed by Kateryna Tiurina

Written by Kateryna Tiurina

Produced by Viktoria Zaliznyuk
Yana Teranis

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