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Our first time curating a program of a "National Cinema," our hope is that we may both embrace and expand your notion of contemporary Iranian Cinema through these short film selections.

Too Loud a Silence

Too loud a silence is about a young girl in Iran's contradictory circumstances.
Family, friends, religion, lies, trickery, romance, gender perspective, drugs, violence and …. A girl who turns her pain into painting and art instead of throwing her anger into others.

Dog Fight

In a dog fight venue, a referee expels two gamblers who keep fighting with one another. Gamblers let their dogs fight outside the main venue, with a jointly bought sheep as the prize. One of the dogs dies in the fight and its owner kills the other dog for revenge: and the war begins...


Ghasem is forced to sell their cow to spend a hard winter in their village, but his son fled out the cow.


Amir and Nazi are moving in the car on a mountain road that is facing strange things.

The Stain

The old man of the cinema salon cleaner after the release of the movie takes care of the stain on the screen. - MICHIGAN PREMIERE

Light Room

A filmmaker has long seen the image of a woman in his mind looking at him. - WORLD PREMIERE
He is trying to create a room to make this image talk to him. As a result of his various attempts, the filmmaker himself enters the room and eventually gets stuck in his imaginary room.