Press 1 for Redemption

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Jack has only one day left to return a gift from his ex-girlfriend, but customer service won’t back down without a fight.
With the help of his unwanted sidekick, Dave the pizza guy, he must get through the first obstacle: a bizarre automated voice menu. As the adventure progresses, Jack and Dave must defeat the callers ahead of them in order to get through to an Agent. Eventually, they are led to a shipping warehouse, where a surprise figure awaits them for a final battle. Press 1 for Redemption is an award winning quirky action-comedy that tackles the menial task of calling customer service. It is set in an exaggerated reality that borrows elements from the world of superheroes and video games. Through light-hearted humour and a simple story, it explores the themes of friendship, closure, and fighting the system.

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Directed by Max Ward

Written by Max Ward

Produced by Andy Lewis

Cast Steve Bugeja
Marlon Davis
Amber Doig-Thorne
Dan Burman

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