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Our audience favorite Student Program returns for the Fourth year in competition for the Juried "A+ Student Filmmaker" Award. This year we organized a broad 'romantic' theme.

Autumn's Breeze

AUTUMN'S BREEZE is the directorial debut of a thirteen year old young man. - WORLD PREMIERE
Devin Maxwell Jones is an up and coming talent in the mid-Michigan film community with acting and writing credits in two previous award winning short films, ARTI and LAST RIGHT.


A young woman with unknown power is on the run from wannabe captors, but finds herself connecting with a possible friend along her travels.

The Smile I Wear

An invisible man confronts a world obsessed with happiness to find his true self and save those he loves.

Mod Mod Teenage World

Mod Mod Teenage World is a 3-minute romantic comedy music video set in 1966 inspired by swinging London and the mod fashion scene.
The story follows Julie, a teenage girl who falls for Winston while out shopping. She goes straight to a magazine article “How to Get the Guy” and attempts to follow the steps to get Winston’s attention.

Something Blue

A lonely wedding photographer falls for a wedding crasher, who disappears under untold circumstances.

Weiner Police

The holy code of conduct of Weiner, Arkansas and its Pre-Marital Fornication Force is questioned once two of Weiner’s finest officers realize they want to commit the ultimate crime with each other.

Wyatt Lasche on Hoodie

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