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Max Varga runs a private firm which deals in damaging the reputation of individuals ordered by clients.
However, during an operation, his assigned target vanishes. A desperate fight against time ensues, in which he can't afford to disappoint his client Lola Lieberman, at the same time getting caught up in a dispute with his collegue Tom Karloff. The film is about the moral downfall of a person who becomes consumed by the evil he himself created. It draws on conventions of film noir both thematically and stylistically, but it's creative purpose were familiar visual elements of classical film noir (such as low-key lighting and dutch angles) with untraditional ones, for example the use of hand-held camera or electronic music. - MICHIGAN PREMIERE

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Directed by Michal Starý

Written by Michal Starý

Production Company Miroslav Ondříček Film Academy

Produced by Kristýna Šlemínová

Cast Lukáš Král
Tomáš Dianiška
Jitka Ježková
Cyril Drozda
Dana Černá
Jan Maléř

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